So yesterday I was listening this 2013 album.No Sir is a Hardcore/punk band from SF.They play so fast but sometimes they play slow and mellow.I think this album might be the best of the genre for 2013,and im so unhappy with myself that i didn’t include it in my top list of 2013.Yes,its even better than MLIW newest album.Just listen to this. favorite songs: “bad vibes”,  ”i pushed back,violently”.”anxiety consumption,”C.A.L.I.F.O.R.N.I.A.”

New Rittz is magnificent.”white jesus” is on his top of his game right now.Every song goes hard as fuck.Probably the best white rapper out there.Tech n9ne is very lucky that he signed him.true rap phenomenon.Check out these songs: “white rapper” “bounce feat. twista” “call 911” “in my zone feat. mike posner & b.o.b.”